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About Kaye & Mills

Kaye & Mills is a boutique law firm offering a broad range of legal services to companies and individuals in the entertainment, new and evolving media and publishing industries. We also provide general business legal services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our experience and comprehensive knowledge in these areas allows us to provide our clients with a level of service that exceeds expectations.


Our expertise extends to a wide range of legal matters in all entertainment, publishing and interactive media. The firm's clients include screenplay and teleplay writers, performers, producers, directors, studio executives, artists and authors. We also represent production companies, international entertainment companies, film financing entities, distribution companies, publishers and internet companies. Clients in the entertainment industry have special and demanding requirements. Our experience gives us the legal insight and business instinct to respond quickly to our clients' opportunities and challenges.


Today's entertainment industry is characterized by new technologies, shifting economic models and the ever-expanding influence of international markets and financing opportunities. Because of our unique background and understanding, Kaye & Mills is superbly qualified to meet the prospects and demands of our clients on a global scale. Kaye & Mills is committed to providing the best advice on all business law and legal matters.


Our business practice represents a diverse array of corporate and company clients with local, national and international concerns. Today's economic environment is ever more complex and legal considerations often present formidable questions and challenges. Kaye & Mills is strategically positioned to give the legal guidance necessary for businesses to succeed and grow under even the most difficult conditions.