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Jessica Kaye is licensed to practice law in Connecticut. Kaye & Mills is a veteran intellectual property law firm and its practice includes production legal services, picture financing, motion picture distribution, copyright, trademark, contract, multimedia and evolving media law, e-commerce, Internet law and publishing. They also practice general business law.

Connecticut is committed to attracting television and motion picture production to the state. Its tax incentives position the state competitively among jurisdictions nationwide vying for production activity. Further, Connecticut installed an aggressive program for training a new generation of entertainment professionals so that productions coming to the state can take advantage of a growing number of trained and qualified crew and other support services.

Since the Digital Media Motion Picture Tax Credit program was enacted in July 2006, a number of productions have come to the state to take advantage of the incentive program and the inherent advantages offered by the state. These advantages include an dedicated film commission and extraordinary locations, which range from modern downtown cityscapes, urban and industrial settings to suburban enclaves, beautiful countryside, agricultural uses and majestic shoreline and ocean.

Kaye & Mills is available to provide production legal services to you for your Connecticut producers and productions. Such work can involve chain of title, interacting with various unions and guilds, negotiating and drafting agreements for music, cast, above-the-line talent, crew and property locations. We are also available to work on financing arrangements for the productions and on agreements for the distribution of motion pictures, television programs, books and other works.

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